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Nite On The Town Card



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Do you enjoy getting a good deal when you dine out? Who doesn't?  Wouldn't you like to score great deals at popular local restaurants such as Stoney Point, Central Park, The Derby, La Fiesta Grande, Cafe Mundial, El Portal, and many more? While deals to these popular restaurants are few and far between (or non existent) on Groupon or Living Social, savvy local foodies have discovered a way to get deals to all these restaurants (and more). These more evolved deal seekers simply buy a Nite On The Town Card membership. 
                                        HOW IT WORKS

Take Central Park for example.  Pop into dinner at this Pasadena favorite and include your Nite On The Town Card when you pay your check. Presto - $10 is deducted from your bill. Those of you math inclined can quickly figure out that this is exactly the same saving you would get if you bought a $20 voucher for $10 from a deal site. Now keep your math hat on for just a bit longer (we know it's uncomfortable, but this is worth the effort). Your Nite On The Town Card entitles you to THREE DINNER VISITS to Central Park during 2017- the equivalent of three $20 for $10 vouchers. Wait, it gets better. If you happen to be out with friends (four or more in your party) then your card gets you a $ 18  DISCOUNT! Your voucher has magically morphed into a $36 for $18 voucher.  

So, you get the equivalent of THREE $$$ saving vouchers to each of :  Central Grille, The Derby, La Fiesta Grande,  El Portal, Stoney Point, Radhika, Matt Denny's, Italian Kitchen, Nancy's Greek Cafe, Faubourg, T Phillips Alehouse, Aro, Cafe Mundial, Villa Italia, Los Gueros, Go China 


Nite On The Town Card

520 North Orange Grove Blvd.
Pasadena, California 91103
Ph: 626-792-5869
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Membership(s) will be mailed to you within 5 business days.

Membership valid thru  Dec.30, 2018

Each restaurant may be visited up to 3 times during 2018

May buy multiple memberships as gifts

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A. 520 North Orange Grove Blvd.
Pasadena, California 91103
Ph: 626-792-5869