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Customers Delivered to Your Door

It’s hard to measure the value of most marketing efforts, as you always ask yourself, was it worth it to advertise my business this way? With SGV Rewards, you won’t have to ask this question anymore because you’ll see the results on the day of your featured Deal. Everyone loves a great Deal, and because we only feature the best local businesses, our users will patronize your business time and time again. Our merchant feedback shows that the average check size is 60% greater than the certificate value, and that most participants are first-time customers.



Huge Exposure

We showcase each feature with a witty, positive write-up that is seen by our tens of thousands of email subscribers and website visitors. Our subscribers are looking for more than traditional advertising as they hope to find great Deals as well as being engaged with the product/business. We bring your business and deal to the customer, instead of the traditional advertising model that “hopes” your customer will see it. 




Boost Your Brand

We only work with the best local businesses, because our customers rely on us to deliver great experiences. Simply put we want the best for the best.


Easy, Fast and Risk-Free

We have made the process is easy for you. We handle the write-up, the posting of the Deal, and send our payment to you within a week after your promotion. All you need to do is be ready for the influx of new customers and deliver an experience that encourages them to revisit your business time and time again. As we all know, the key to a successful business is repeat visits.





Risk Free - no long term contracts or out of pocket costs.

We only make money if you make money.

We take the guess work and worry out of the advertising process, leaving you more free time to do what you do best, serve the local community. It really is just that easy!


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